Guide On Best Automatic Knives 2023:

“We carried out extensive research on different Automatic Knives on the market today and our team came to agree that Zero Tolerance Folding Knife and CIVIVI Elementum Pocket Knife are the Best Automatic Pocket Knives that you should consider getting today”.


List Of 3 Best Automatic Knives To Purchase Today:

#1: Zero Tolerance Folding Knife with KVT Ball-Bearing Opening & Frame Lock:

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  • KVT Ball-Bearing Opening.
  • A Frame Lock and Pocketclip.
  • All-Black Carbon Fiber and Titanium Handle Scales.
  • Increased strength and excellent size/weight proportion.
  • Folding Knife with 3.25” DLC-Coated S35VN Stainless Steel Blade.
  • Titanium is a lightweight metal alloy and it offers excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Handle features a carbon fiber front and sturdy titanium back for a comfortable in-hand feel.
  • Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating is often even tougher than the blade steel underneath it.
  • Uses caged ball bearings for smooth blade deployment and overcoming stronger knife detent.
  • Flippers on manual-open knives require user to push with quick strength until the blade deploys.
  • DLC-coating on the blade gives a sleek matte-black look and enhanced performance characteristics.
  • DLC coatings display properties similar to a natural diamond that add beauty and attractive shine.
  • The frame lock design makes knives safer, securer, sturdier and quicker for one-handed blade deployment.
  • To close the knife blade, push the frame to the side to unlock the blade and fold the blade back into the handle.
  • A reversible pocket-clip and two emerald-green anodized-aluminum tube spacers for a discreet touch of personality.
  • The KVT Ball-Bearing Opening System makes one-handed knife opening fast and easy without the need of a mechanical assistance.
  • An ideal gift for any special occasion like: birthdays, holidays, graduations, anniversaries, promotions, weddings, and more.
  • Great tool for hunters, business professionals, wilderness guides, survival experts, first responders, military, law enforcement, etc.
  • The 3.25″ S35VN steel blade shows amazing toughness and resistance to edge chipping with improved edge retention. Blade Thickness: 0.121″.
  • With solid strength, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, carbon fiber is an excellent, high-performing, high-quality knife handle.
  • DLC-coated blades offer extra hardness, high corrosion resistance, excellent wear resistance, and a low friction coefficient so particles do not easily attach to the blade.
  • The knife handle, or frame, has two metal plates on either side of the blade, and when open, the lockbar butts up against the blade’s backend to prevent blade closure. 
  • Ball-bearings surround and freely rotate around the pivot. So, when the user pulls back on the flipper, the blade rotates out of the handle as the ball bearings roll into place.
  • A pocketclip with tip-up carry is positioned so the closed knife carries in the pocket with the tip of its blade pointed upwards. A reversible tip-up or tip-down pocket-clip allows the user to change the tip position.


#2: CIVIVI Elementum Pocket Knife with Ceramic Ball-bearing Pivot Construction:

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  • Sharp Pocket Knife.
  • Utility Folding Knife.
  • Lightweight Folding Knife.
  • Water-Resistant Pocket Knife.
  • Smooth effortless blade opening.
  • Blade Material: D2 Stainless Steel.
  • Included Components: Knife, Storage Pouch, and Box.
  • It is a wonderful companion and a great way to carry without concern.
  • High-performing D2 blade provides outstanding strength and edge retention.
  • Thoughtfully designed thickness, length, and well-rounded edges on the handle.
  • Ceramic ball-bearing pivot construction ensures fantastic, super-smooth actions, allowing for quick and snappy one-handed deployment effortlessly.


#3: Kershaw Knockout Pocket Knife Anodized Aluminum Handle & SpeedSafe Opening:

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  • Olive/Black Pocket Knife.
  • Anodized Aluminum Handle.
  • A 3.25″ Cerakote 14C28N Steel Blade.
  • SpeedSafe Opening, Sub-Frame Lock and Deep-Carry Pocketclip.
  • SpeedSafe Assisted Opening provides a safe, quick and easy open.
  • The Sub-Frame Lock offers a slim profile with strong, fast action deployment.
  • The modified drop point blade offers excellent corrosion resistance and hardenability.
  • Proper use of the pocketclip increases safety, efficiency and pleasure of owning and using a knife.
  • Finished with a matte black Cerakote blade coating for great blade protection and a sleek, tactical look.
  • A piece of machined aluminum frame is ‘knocked out’ and a stainless steel plate is attached in its place.
  • Flipper allows the user to open the Knockout easily with either hand for tactical use in strategic combat.
  • The 3-position pocketclip offers tip-up or tip-down carry on the right side or tip-up carry on the left.
  • Deep carry pocketclip allows comfortable carry and easy concealment, while keeping the knife readily accessible.
  • The Sub-Frame Lock gives extra frame support for hard to cut materials like branches, plastic piping, cartilage and bone.
  • 14C28N steel is ideal for knife applications which place high demands on edge sharpness, edge stability and corrosion resistance.
  • Sandvik 14C28N steel is a high-performance steel with increased nitrogen in the formula for excellent corrosion resistance and hardness.
  • With its killer camouflage look and function, this affordable general-purpose stout knife is an instant classic for newcomers and collectors alike.
  • The pocketclip can be easily moved in 4 unique positions using pre-drilled holes for ambidextrous use, allowing users to choose left or right-handed, tip up or tip down carry.
  • The aluminum, anodized handle is very durable, stain and scratch resistant for strong knife handling. Anodized aluminum gives the knife bright, eye-catching, unique colors and provides a nice, hefty, solid feel to the knife without making the knife heavy.
  • Using a torsion bar to move the blade out of the handle, Kershaw’s revolutionary SpeedSafe Assisted Opening system enables smooth, secure, fast one-handed blade deployment. Apply manual pressure to the flipper or thumb stud with a light push or pull back to overcome resistance of the torsion bar, and the blade opens smoothly and locks into place for confident handling without premature closure.
  • To activate the smooth, instant open, the user can push a thumb stud or press a flipper. The flipper on SpeedSafe assisted knives is easy to operate by both left- and right-handed users. And, once the blade swings open and locks into place, the flipper either disappears for aesthetics or remains visible for added finger protection.


All the featured Automatic Knives are ergonomic, durable and will increase safety, efficiency and pleasure with proper use. In fact, these pocket knives feature good looks with an awesome exterior which makes them ideal to carry every day or to use as a working knife.


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