How to Improve On Your Physical Fitness:

How to Improve On Your Physical Fitness

If you ready to get fit but aren’t sure where to start from, then moderate aerobic activities like walking, dancing or even swimming will help begin the workout process. So, in this article we shall provide you with some of the steps that you can take to start improving your fitness and feeling better physically and mentally.


STEP-1: How To Increase On Your Physical Activity:

> Do some cardiovascular activities on most days: Cardiovascular workouts are an essential part of any plan that requires improving physical fitness. So, exercising for about 150 minutes per week (or 30 minutes for 5-days per week) is recommended. For example, you can take 15 minutes of kickboxing, stair climbing, jogging, or running for 5 days per week.

> Tryout some strength training workouts: Strength training exercises are very essential for your physical fitness but you only need 2 strength training workouts per week. Ensure that these strength training workouts target all of your major muscle groups including your abs, arms, back, chest, hips, legs, and shoulders.

> Go for fitness classes: Exercise classes will provide you a great workout and a social environment too. In fact, group exercise classes will help you to stay motivated. So, go for an exercise class like: Spinning, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Tai-chi, etc.

> Find ways of doing more activities during the day: Adding small bursts of physical activity into your day will actually help to improve on your physical fitness levels. For example, you may do some sit-ups, walk to the grocery store, and take the stairs instead of an elevator. These little activities will you improve on your cardiovascular health and build your strength.

> Set fitness goals: Having fitness goals that you are working towards will help you to stay focused and motivated. However, set goals that are specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and time-based.

> Always track your fitness progress: Tracking your fitness progress is a great way of staying motivated. In fact, progress tracking can even be easier to see when you reach a fitness goal. Some fitness tracking methods include: How much weight you can lift, Weight and body measurements, distance time, Number of sit-ups/push-ups you can do, ability to hold a difficult pose for a certain amount of time, etc.

> Start small and build-up your fitness levels: It is recommended to go slow and start with something less intense like walking, swimming, jogging, or biking. This will help to reduce your chances of getting injured. After a while, you may increase on your activity intensity and duration like from walking to jogging. In fact small goals can be easily achieved and will help you stick with the plan.

> Get a personal trainer: Consider working-out with a personal trainer in case you get hard time staying motivated or when you’re not sure where to start. Working with a trainer gives your fitness efforts a good jump start and will even make easier to stick with your program. Additionally, most personal trainers will provide you with meal plan ideas and advice on how to maximize your fitness results.


STEP-2: How To Improve On Your Eating Habits:

> Decide on how many calories you need to consume per day: To improve on your physical fitness, you will need to pay attention to your diet. In case your goal is to lose weight, then you will need to eat fewer calories than you burn. If you are trying to gain weight, then you will need to eat more calories. So, keep track of everything you eat and measure your food to make sure your consuming the right amount of food-calories daily.

> Get a balanced diet: It’s very important to follow a balanced diet as you work towards your fitness goals since what eat can make a big difference in your results and how you feel. So, try eating fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates.

> Stop eating unhealthy foods: Try to reduce on the consumption of foods that are high in sugar and fats, greasy or fried, and highly processed foods.

> Take a lot of water: Drinking a lot of water will help you to stay hydrated and limit your eating by filling up your stomach temporarily. So, consider drinking eight (250-ml) glasses of water per day so as to stay hydrated. In case you have been exercising, then you will need to drink more water to replace the water that your body has lost. This requires you to get a good quality water-bottle when exercising outdoors.


STEP-3: How To Make Lifestyle Changes:

> Consult your doctor: Before making any lifestyle changes to your activity levels or diet, try scheduling an appointment with your doctor. This is very important because some people may have restrictions on diet and exercise levels based on medical conditions. So, check with your doctor before you make any major changes to your diet or fitness levels.

> Consider losing weight if you’re fat: Being overweight actually puts you at a higher risk of developing chronic diseases like; diabetes, high blood pressure and a lot more. This can even prevent you from being as physically fit as you could be. So, consider joining a weight loss program.

> Stop smoking if you can: Smoking actually interferes with fitness goals and it can even lead to life-threatening diseases. In fact, there are several prescription drugs and smoking cessation programs that may help you to stop smoking.

> Limit your alcohol consumption: Large amounts of alcohol can make it hard for you to improve your physical fitness. This is mainly because alcohol adds empty calories to your diet and even causes dehydration, fatigue, and other health problems. So, consider not drinking more than one drink per day if you are a woman and not more than two drinks per day if you are a man.

Improving Physical Fitness


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