Steps On How To Become A Female Fitness Model:

Steps On How To Become A Female Fitness Model

Fitness models are usually young women who look good in bikinis and workout-gear. In fact, they often pose for magazine covers, advertising campaigns, and even appear in movies. However, if you want to become a fitness model, then you should begin by learning about the industry and also dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle since getting fit takes a lot of effort. All in all, below are some of the steps you will have to follow in-order to become a successful female fitness model.


STEP-1: How to Build Your Fitness Brand:

> Decide on the fitness niche you like: Make yourself more marketable as a fitness model by highlighting what makes you unique. So, you should determine whether your want to become an outdoor or indoor fitness model. For example, you can become a female fitness model for hiking and skiing, swimming, running or any other sport in-order to inspire others to take up that sport. Additionally, try to stay true to yourself and you will become appealing to your audience.

> Start a workout regimen: As a female fitness model, you will need to be in shape. In fact, you may even share your exercise tips and workout habits with your audience. So, try to develop a workout-routine that you can stick to. Try working out at the gym, at home using fitness-DVDs, or running outside. However, if you’re just starting your fitness career, then you will need time to build up cardio endurance and strength. Additionally, try to exercise for 5-to-7 times a week for about 30-60 minutes each day. Consider doing cardio-workouts like; fast-walking, jogging, biking, dancing or aerobics. Do strength-training activities like; sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, squats and weightlifting. You may also consider consulting a personal trainer to help develop an exercise plan that fits your lifestyle and goals. These professionals will also help you perform fitness moves correctly.

> Start a healthy eating plan: To get fit, you will need to eat healthy foods. So, develop an eating plan that matches your lifestyle and stick with it. In fact, 80% of your diet should be comprised of healthy foods like, fruits, vegetables, lean-protein and whole-grains. However, make sure that high-fat and sugary foods make up not more than 20% of your diet. Additionally, try substituting unhealthy ingredients with healthier alternatives.

> Try avoiding unhealthy weight loss actions: In case you want to lose weight, stay away from steroids, diet pills and weight-loss supplements. So, consider losing weight by exercising and making diet changes.

> Respect your genetics: If you’re too chubby or petite, then you probably won’t be able to model for a bodybuilding magazine. If your body is bulky, then you might not become a bikini model. However, fitness modeling is more accepting of different body shapes than fashion modeling. But try to be realistic about the type of body you have because this will help you focus on your career goals in the right way.


STEP-2: How to Break Into the Industry on Your Own:

> Go for magazine and online contests: Try looking-out for contests that ask readers to submit photos or workout advice. In case you win, then you could be featured in a magazine or online. Additionally, read women’s fitness magazines like; Women’s Health, Oxygen, Self & Shape. You may also follow these magazines online or on social media.

> Join fitness competitions: Learn the rules for competition before you apply. Additionally, most fitness competitions require you to perform certain poses on stage. So, you will need to increase your workout training schedule for weeks or months before to prepare yourself. After, join competitions for amateurs provided by organizations like; National Gym Association.

> Become a fitness instructor: Becoming a certified group instructor or personal trainer is actually a good way to start working in your desired field. If you exercise at the gym, then maybe the gym might feature you on its website or in its brochure. This will trigger your fitness modeling career.

> Write content about fitness: Write about tips on diet and exercising, what motivates you and how you got into fitness. Additionally, share photos of yourself working out and pictures of healthy meals. This will help to get your name out there in the long run.

> Market yourself through social media: Consider creating short exercise videos and post them online. For example, you may create a YouTube channel in-order to keep and share all your videos or even create a Facebook or Instagram page where you can share inspirational fitness tips.


STEP-3: How to Become a Professional Fitness Model:

> Search for a modeling agency: Most agencies will help you find professional modeling work. So, try to find an agency that works with fitness models. After, check the company’s record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In fact, a reputable agency will never ask you for money and if they are interested in you, then they’ll take you on as a client. Take snapshots of your face and full body shots and send them to the agency. However, natural shots work best and try wearing your favorite workout outfit. Avoid heavy makeup or crazy hairstyles. In fact, most agencies accept email or online submissions. Lastly, is a great website to start your search.

> Build your portfolio: After signing-up with an agency, you will start building your portfolio. In fact, the agency will set you up with for a test shoot with a professional photographer. You will now get a book of photos to bring with you on auditions.

> Try going for auditions: Modeling for magazines, online and TV ads is very competitive and that’s why you should expect many rejections. However, keep persisting and maybe you’ll become a model in a fitness infomercial or even become a female fitness model.

Tips On How to Become a Female Fitness Model


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